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Final Prize Process

Final Prize Application

Teams must fill out and submit the online form in order to be eligible to win any of the final prizes. No emailed forms or documents will be accepted. The downloadable documents are ONLY for ease of collaboration among team members. 

Please make sure that the form is complete in its entirety by November 30, 2018. Any incomplete reports will not be considered for the final prize. You will have the ability to go and edit your submission through November 30,2018 at 11:59PM. 

You must be logged into a Gmail account to fill out the Google Form. 

All Files must be saved as "TEAM NAME_Description of Content" (ex. Team ICMA_Workplan). 

All questions can be directed to  

 Final Team Report Form


The downloadable forms below are solely for your internal use. These cannot be emailed in. All forms must be submitted using the google form link above.
Final Team Report – Projects (Downloadable)
Final Team Report – Programs (Downloadable) 


FAQs can be downloaded here.


Final Prize Application Webinar


 August 30, 2018 and October, 2, 2018


Hosted by Cadmus, this training included a presentations on the Final Prize Process from ICMA and DOE with time for Q&A . Below is the link to the slide deck and a recording of the webinar.  


Additional Office Hours:


Have specific questions about your final prize application? Sign up for a slot during office hours so you can have a one on one conversation with ICMA and DOE.
 Thursday, October 4, 2018 at 1:00PM - 2:30PM EST
Register Here