Rozelle-Annesdale Community Initiative
Rozelle-Annesdale Community Initiative
Rozelle-Annesdale Community Initiative

Rozelle-Annesdale Community Initiative



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Anthony Milton
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Project / Program Description

The initial solar projectrollout is a collaborative between 20 local low income home owners, aneighborhood CDC/501c and local business owners.

The project consist of 20homes participating in a local weatherization project through our local municipality, air quality and financial literacy initiatives that are then out fitted with solar panels. The homes will also be bored on the west by a two  acre solar farm with an additional two acre solar bordering the east side of the homes.

The aim is to create a self-sustaining community eco system that addresses poverty through renewable energy sources, job creation and financial literacy in one of the poorest zipcodes in our city.

The goal are to:

* Provide a more energyefficient home

* Reduce energy consumptionthat consumes a disproportionate amount of disposable income

*Create jobs " Within" the community to sustain maintenance and up keep through training andcommunity engagement

* Reduce blight

* Incur savings and wealthcreation among residents