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Seeds for the Sol (SFTS) has been helping LMI homeowners in Corvallis, Oregon purchase solar arrays for their roofs since 2014.  Our primary goal is to help homeowners overcome the financial barriers to residential solar. We do this using two mechanisms. First, we provide zero-interest loans that match the expected Federal tax credit. Second, we match clients with a Pass-Through Partner who purchases their State of Oregon tax credit. Combined, these funding sources reduce the upfront cost of solar by $8,650 on average, making it much more affordable for LMI homeowners. 

Our secondary goal is to provide guidance and education regarding the many programs and tax incentives available for residential solar. We accomplish this through our outreach program, which includes event tabling, window displays, social media, and SFTS orientation sessions.

Our organization’s third goal is to collaborate with other communities and to replicate our program. We have begun this process within the state of Oregon, where incentives remain consistent. We are excited to be working closely with Seeds for the Sol: Rogue Climate, who completed their first SFTS project earlier this year.