Capital Solar Canopy Cooperative
Capital Solar Canopy Cooperative
Capital Solar Canopy Cooperative

Capital Solar Canopy Cooperative



Covering Costs With Sunshine

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Alex Winn
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District of Columbia

Project Description

Project / Program Description

The Capital Solar Canopy Cooperative is working to deploy at least one megawatt of solar canopies on the surface parking lots of multi-family affordable housing in the District of Columbia in order to provide cash dividends from the sale of the clean electricity directly to the low-income  tenants of the adjacent buildings.

We are seeking to partner with low-income housing owners with suitable properties. In exchange for leasing a property’s surface parking area, the owner of a master-metered building will be able to purchase all the electricity generated by that solar project at a savings of approximately 20 percent compared with their current electricity rate.  The building owner will also benefit from enhanced aesthetics as well as improved lighting and electric vehicle charging, with no additional property management burden. This means higher net operating income, and more financially resilient and energy-conscious tenants.

Project Updates

Earlier this summer the Team finalized an agreement with an integrated capital provider, solar project developer, and EPC to take advantage of their significant development pipepline with Solar For All-eligible properties. We have now signed a 195 kW PPA on a 48-unit LMI property and have a signed Site Control agreement for a 515 kW site on a 148-unit LMI property, for which we are still finalizing (September) an offtake agreement. We are working with SFA managers at the DC DOEE to confirm the eligibility of those projects and move to permitting and construction.