New Chicago Community Partnership Revitalization (CPR) - Boldly Resuscitating the Hood
New Chicago Community Partnership Revitalization (CPR) - Boldly Resuscitating the Hood
New Chicago Community Partnership Revitalization (CPR) - Boldly Resuscitating the Hood

New Chicago Community Partnership Revitalization (CPR) - Boldly Resuscitating the Hood



A Collaboration of Concern Individuals Coming Together To Resuscitate A Poverty-Stricken Neighborhood Through Solar Panel Installation (Solar-In-The-Hood)

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Carnita Atwater
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Project / Program Description

The New Chicago Community Partnership Revitalization (CPR) team will boldly resuscitate a neighborhood from blight and poverty by breathing social, economic, cultural and going-green opportunities into this desolate area. Our motto is "Going Green on the Scene in the New Chicago Community". We will be a total solar energy pilot program to enhance low and moderate income households thus being the conduit out of poverty due to a copious amount of their income going toward paying their utility bills. Solar panels in the hood is for the good!

By using solar panels throughout the neighborhood, we will implement new programs such as solar panel homes for homeless veterans, 125 new multi-family homes, the first nature trails and nature center powered by solar panels in a urban community, the first African American History Museum in Memphis that will have roof-top solar panels, the first urban petting zoo and farm with solar panel barns, an electric car charging station which will be the first in this area, a solar panel manufacturing company with a certification program to create well needed jobs. At present, we have purchase a 20,000 square feet commercial building, 2.9 acres industrial parcel, 3.5 acres commercial parcel and will be closing on 30 acres  of Brownsville industrial acreage  which we have informed the City of Memphis of our desires to purchase these parcels. We are working with Shelby County land bank to purchase all properties listed in the New Chicago community. 

Our most important program in this endeavor is the children's Green-Ghee program where we will be training and educating tomorrow generation regarding solar panel, wind turbines, going-green, recycling and responsible use of our precious resources on planet earth. This particular program has been in existence for five years in the New Chicago area. The children make arts and crafts multi-cultural love angels from bottles and cans which they donate to Senior Citizens in nursing homes. They plant trees, assist with composting and work with rain barrels. They have life-experience planting raised organic gardens and caring for the chickens, rabbits and Nubian goats. We have a solar panel educational center located in the 20, 000 square feet building. In July of 2017, we will be opening our first solar panel demo home to educate the public regarding solar panel usage. 

Our team consist of the New Chicago CDC, Grace Missionary Baptist Church, Pleasant Green Baptist Church, Clyde Baptist Church, Whisper of Hope Initiative, African American International Museum Foundation, Umoja Foundation, NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), State Representative Barbara Cooper, State Senator Lee Harris, Councilman Joe Brown, IBEW, AFSCME, Unity for the African American Dream, Tri-State Defender, Black Farmer's Association of Memphis, Citizens for Better Service, BarKays Foundation, National Organic Farmers of America, Metropolitan Bank, Region, Memphis Beauty, Barber and Nail Technician Association,  Grace Ministries, Inc., Mr. Solar, Inc., and SPARCC. 

We will be soliciting MLGW and TVA to work with the team on this exciting solar panel project that will bring hope and inspiration to a community that looks like a war zone as you drive through the neighborhood. There is no other urban neighborhood with such a progressive plan to adorn solar panels in its fiber of concrete and blight. To drive through New Chicago community and view solar panels down the educational interactive nature trails and on the street lights would simply be divine. These solar panel street lights will assist in the decrease in crime. 

The New Chicago community garnish with a solar farm will be a pleasant surprise to most that would pass through this desolate neighborhood. New Chicago would indeed, be the talk of the town and a green-print pilot project for other urban communities in the City of Memphis. The New Chicago community is unique because it has a beautiful green line running through the heart of the community and it is located directly off of Interstate-40 (Exit 2- Smith/Chelsea) where over 45,000 cars and trucks pass by each day. 

We have been aggressively educating the New Chicago community on alternative energy usage which over 75% of the community have been informed about solar panel usage as an alternative to save on utilities. As of today, we have over 4,000 questionnaires in support of solar panel usages. There is a serge of people moving back into this area due to the holistic approach we are using to attractive new residents from every nationalities to promote diversity in the community. By using solar panels as an incentive, we feel this will only be an added value to the community. Solar panels in the Hood is Good!

Indeed, we need DOE assistance in this investment in precious human capital lives as we embrace going-green and solar panel installation as the beckon of community jewelry (solar panels) of the future. For a community such as New Chicago that have been looked-over and abandon for 50 years, it certainly needs a SUNSHOT!