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                                                                                          We are Team Aims↗Solar! 

An All-inclusive multiple source of accessible clean energy for the whole community. “Get Some!”

Team AimSolar eagerly enters the Sun Shot Solar in your community Challenge with the total community at heart. Given our mission to help the U.S. Department of Energy to unlock and to smooth the uneven geographic and demographic growth in the solar market, we have assumed this challenge  with no one left behind in mind. 

AimSolar understands the barriers that exist in the solar market and the non-existent to under-served subscribers who are restricted to receive the full benefits of going solar. Thus, our team has planned a project that will demonstrate a long-term program by innovatively collaborating photovoltaic  solar panels along with wet waste Bio  Digestion, and dry waste  Gasification technologies to generate clean renewable energy power to the whole community and specifically target the LMI solar market where the energy burden lies.

Our project/program is aimed to demonstrate how we will meet and aspire to exceed the goals of challenge in multiple areas, hence bringing about a significant impact to the communities we serve.

As we strategically began the  challenge

AimSolar plans to serve_________LMI residents, and will  deploy _________  MW of AimSolar,  _________communities, and will  deploy______MW of AimSolar, _______non-profit organizations.

 Our team will open how many _________________job opportunities,  and create various training and educational avenues that will offer  all-inclusive community building. 

Because of the waste additives needed  to perfect our mode for this challenge, Aimsolar will have a massive impact on  the maintenance, cleanliness, and beautification of many community sectors who  have agreed to partner with us in our present environmental program, The  Community Upliftment Program. We believe this program has uniquely positioned  us for this challenge.

With the addition of wet waste Bio  Digestion, and dry waste gasification to the solar challenge our innovative  model are designed to open and demonstrate a mass economical benefit providing simple,  sure, and scalable expansion in the solar market.  As it will address and eliminate all barriers  of access to the present under-severed subscribers whom with photovoltaic solar  panels alone cannot be reached. With the barriers that solar panels have and  the fact that solar radiation itself not being available at all times, our plan  is aimed as a way of storing solar energy to make solar technologies more  variable for energy production.

 Team AimSolar will bring an innovative  approach to this challenge as our all-inclusive multiple source of accessible  clean energy for the whole community will address any rooftop barriers that  renters, townhouse/condominiums, apartment complexes and any shared rooftops residents  and specifically the LMI residents may have in the community. It will also will  generate the same amount of service to areas with physical obstruction barriers.

 In our study of how “Biomass Gasification  using Solar Thermal Energy”, a technology that has been tested in the past and  that is an ongoing investigation, we believe our approach to solar coupled with  our wet waste and dry waste technologies can make a simple and efficient  approach to expand the solar model potential and accessibility for the whole  community.

AimSolar’s plan is set  to the reach an average annual electricity bill savings of ______ % per each LMI  residents and an average annual electricity bill savings of ______% per  non-profit organization that we serve. 

For the next 18 months, our team will  offer multiple solutions of a greener and cleaner ecosystem by sowing and  fostering the seeds of environmental changes that initiates attainable and  sustainable low energy outcomes that will be total community inclusive.

Our ultimate goal is to deploy  ___________MW in solar projects to benefit at least _______residents and  ____________nonprofits by or before MM/YYYY.