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Chanh Quach
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New York

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The Monroe County Solar (mcSolar) program makes solar power available and affordable for everyone within the suburban towns and villages of Monroe County and focuses solely on low to moderate income (LMI) families. Through our program, homeowners have solar PV installed in their homes, allowing them access to an environmentally friendly and cost effective way of providing energy to their home. 

The mcSolar program operates within the Monroe County Community Development Division in the Planning and Development Department, which currently offers home repair and improvement assistance to low to moderate income households. By adding a solar energy component to our existing home improvement program and leveraging funding specifically for the solar initiative, mcSolar is the first known program of its kind in New York State.  Our program can serve as a model for creating similar programs for other counties in New York State and beyond, potentially assisting thousands of LMI households and utilizing hundreds of megawatts of solar power.

Monroe County Community Development has a proven 40-year track record of administering the Home Improvement Program (HIP) and serving LMI households through funding by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).