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Taking Back the Sun!

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Mona Angel
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New Mexico

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The New Mexico Solar Energy Association and Sawmill Community Land Trust (SCLT)  are pursuing a 130 kW shared solar array in Albuquerque, NM. The goal is to get the city to leverage its resolution of reaching 25% solar by 2025 to include residents of affordable housing, seniors, and other LMI residents in cooperation with its utility company.

If our model works, then it can be deployed all across the city and state to access the richest, cleanest energy resource we have on our planet. Our state, the 2nd sunniest, should be exporting clean electrons! And in the process bring us back our blue skies.

Currently our utility company, Public Services  of New Mexico (PNM), has deployed only 3% solar in its electricity mix capacity. An investor-owned utility, recently separated from its gaseous cousin, it struggles with commitment to clean energy and  has refused to cooperate anywhere, but behind the meter. The city and non-profit can’t take advantage of the tax incentives, and our residents at Sawmill Land lack the capital, rooftop, and/or know-how.