Barber-Scotia College & the Logan Community "Bottoms Up"
Barber-Scotia College & the Logan Community "Bottoms Up"
Barber-Scotia College & the Logan Community "Bottoms Up"

Barber-Scotia College & the Logan Community "Bottoms Up"



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North Carolina

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Project / Program Description

The Bottoms Up Team project, is to install multiple shared-solar arrays across the campus of Barber-Scotia College. The Solar systems will generate more than 2MW of power that can ultimately reduce the utility cost for the College and service more than 2000 residents and over 15 non-profits inside the Logan Community alone.

Our project is important and innovative because we not only seek to bring a shared solar model to LMI communities, we will also provide educational and technical resources that allow communities to produce their own solar-powered organic food gardens, reducing poverty inside of their communities. We will also extend career-focused training and certifications in renewable energy and business entrepreneurship, reducing the unemployment rate and increasing business models that will create jobs.

Application Video
Application Video
Project Updates

We will have our 4th meeting with the Historic Preservation Commission of Concord NC on Wednesday 9/13/17, to discuss getting approval of Faith Hall. Another historic building on BSC campus. The commission already approved solar panel installation on Berry Hall and Graves Hall.

Meeting pending with the City of Concord Electric Department and BSC's installation partners, Renu Energy to discuss connection points, locations and Power Purchase Agreement.

***Barber-Scotia College Sets Precedence in Concord NC! 

On October 3, 2017 Barber-Scotia College received three (3) Certificates of Appropriateness from the Historic Preservation Commission of Concord, NC, to deploy solar on the rooftop of the College's three historic buildings; Berry Hall, Graves Hall and  Faith Hall. This is a historic milestone for the College as we celebrate our Sesquicentennial (150 Years) in service this year.

BSC is seeking to be the testing sight for all things Energy and Technology. As such the College will host an array of renewable power and new technology solutions, as it positions itself to become a living showcase and leader in workforce development education. 

In addition to deploying solar, we are saving our historic buildings by adding new and innovative rooftops. 

The three historic buildings will receive new Light Weight Solar Corrugate Roof Panels, featuring Crystalline Silicon photovoltaic modules with steel at 200 watts each. Approximate Panels on buildings: Berry Hall-186 units, Graves Hall- 336 units, Faith Hall 309 units Percival Hall (not historic) - 340 units. Total 234,300 watts | 234.2kw. Initial goal is 500kw by 10/2018

Our innovative roof panels are aesthetically superior in design, lightweight and easy to install, the panels minimize power reduction caused by shade and much more! See attached spec sheet.

Also check out our demo for vertical solar power on a pole with zero transmission costs. The "Solar Pillar" - The most solar power per square foot of ground space. With security package, the Solar Pillar operates as a remote Command Center | Base Station in the field.

- Composite pole withstands Category 5 winds, flat panels withstands 180 MPH winds

- Connect directly to the Grid, with zero transmission costs

- Off-Grid operations with battery connection

- Solar Silos individually attached, can easily replace one unit without touching the other units

- Attached Security (Optional) - Remote Command Center Monitoring, Light, Sound and Sensor warnings, make emergency phone calls and more. 

(See attached Features and Advantages Sheet)

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