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Carlos Monteagudo
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New York

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SolarNation’s mission is to support individuals and communities to accelerate their climate activism. We operationalize this by supporting them to decrease their carbon footprint - first by self-organizing, developing, & self-financing local community solar projects (and other net zero projects), and second by growing a local movement that educates and help others communities do the same. SolarNation provides an online platform, on-the-ground resources, and access to expert partners that help with administrative, legal, financial, regulatory, communications, and organizational tasks, leaving the community to focus purely on mobilizing themselves. In a 12 month campaign, volunteer community participants recruit more participants, find crowdfunding investors, find solar energy subscribers and/or raise donations. SolarNation designs a seamless experience to facilitate every step of this process & guides the campaigns to reinforce viral spread beyond the initial community. Our financial model is scalable and provides full access to LMI and nonprofit communities.

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