Community Clean Energy Project (CCEP) - Worcester, MA
Community Clean Energy Project (CCEP) - Worcester, MA
Community Clean Energy Project (CCEP) - Worcester, MA

Community Clean Energy Project (CCEP) - Worcester, MA



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Susan Buchan
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The Community Clean Energy Pilot (CCEP) seeks to develop several community-utility models based on the integration of demand response, development of onsite renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, storage and financial incentives including rate design, net metering, and renewable energy credits. A key goal of the project is to bring affordable clean energy to underserved residents who may not have access to ownership of solar and other clean renewable resources. While many community microgrid projects are developing throughout the U.S., none to our knowledge have fully captured the potential of working with existing utilities, community stakeholders, technology companies, funders, Federal/State energy programs, allied energy efficiency organizations and local government as cooperative partners equally committed to a reliable, clean energy future for each site. The CCEP will gauge whether improvement in energy costs, reliability, decarbonization, load management and customer engagement can be achieved using an integrated approach. The results will inform broader energy policy decisions in Massachusetts, while increasing customer adoption and participation in a clean energy future. In addition, the CCEP sites may serve as a framework for other U.S. regions seeking to deploy a combination of technology, efficiency and consumer engagement as a solution to energy generation and distribution challenges.