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Give them solar and you'll save one home, teach them solar and you'll save the world

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Local Power proposes to create a cycle of funding, solar installs, and environmental education by: Installing PV arrays at local schools and municipal facilities; allocating a portion of the utility savings from those PV installations to solarize local LMI homes using student labor from the new solar training programs that will be developed at the schools; and creating learning centers at each of the PV installs in order to generate new funding opportunities that will start the cycle anew. "Education is the key!"

Project Updates

Our group, called Local Power, has been so busy we haven't had any time to make any updates yet!  Here goes with our first one so far:

First, we've aligned with a local nonprofit called Good Sun Solar to help us with donations and fundraising. Good Sun's mission to provide solar to nonprofits and low income neighborhoods throughout the world matches our own.

Second, we've received donations of over 100kW in used modules and at least 17 inverters. We plan to use these to install basic solar arrays on 5 nonprofits in our community. These nonprofits include two public schools with approximately 400 students each, a homeless shelter, a local Habitat for Humanity housing project, and a local environmental justice organization. 

Third, we've developed a Solar Learning LAB with our local public charter high school to help train 10 students in solar PV and thermal basics.  All students in the class are taking the free online training with Solar Energy International. 

Fourth, we've placed 5 interns from Bitney in 4 local solar design/installers. These interns, as well as the students, form a core group of volunteers for our installation work with nonprofits.

Fifth, we've designed, engineered, bid and are waiting for the panels on a 12kW system for Bitney Prep High School using panels and hardware provided by state funding through a Proposition designed to fund energy improvements in schools.

More updates soon!

Hey - we got some press!

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