Clean Affordable Solar For All
Clean Affordable Solar For All
Clean Affordable Solar For All

Clean Affordable Solar For All



Working to open opportunities for solar development to benefit low and moderate income households – paving the way for sustainably financed energy resources that help stabilize housing costs for the most vulnerable members of society. This initiative will leverage a network of housing providers, corporate partners, and NGO’s to deliver solar power for the benefit of households experiencing low incomes.

Awarded:: Seed Funds, TA Voucher, Participant

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Evan Ramsey
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Project / Program Description

Our project seeks to overcome the barriers and complexities that affordable housing providers face when evaluating their options to use solar energy. There is often a "split incentive" between multifamily building owners and tenants between the energy users and the owners capable of doing energy efficiency or renewable energy. By working within existing programs providing utility assistance, we will redirect a portion of these payments into solar energy investments. The result, will be a win-win-win between the housing provider, the tenants, and the energy assistance program funder. By forming a partnership between these entities we are able to use the tax liability of the housing developer, the financial resources of the program funders, and the commitment from local non-profits to design a replicable model for building solar on affordable housing across the country.