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Danielle Kizaire
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About our Community Sunshot Project 

Twelve years ago Bronzeville Urban Development (BUD) identified a tract of vacated rail embankment that ran through Bronzeville. It is the remnants of the Stockyard rail line.

There are over 40,000 miles of abandoned/vacated rail lines. Cities from New York to Paris to Chicago have begun to repurpose these embankments for rails to trails projects. In Chicago the 606 was developed. A second such line is in the planning stages for Chicago’s Englewood community.  However we posed a different vision to the City Department of Energy Management, a solar farm. The idea was well received by City and since then the County.  This project will allow the revitalization of brownfield to useful land, a problem facing many urban areas. 

Today, 54 per cent of the world's population lives in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 66 per cent by 2050.1 Larger urban areas, more people, more technology means increased energy needs. More energy needs means increase need for affordable sustainable energy. Unfortunately affordable and sustainable energy is not readily available to low and medium income families at this juncture. Projects, like the one we propose through the SunShot initiative will make such resources available. The proposed project is scalable from community solar for LMI to utility scale by increasing energy solar capacity, adding small wind, geothermal, etc. Technology is rapidly advancing and rail lines are waiting to be made useful again.

Application Video
Application Video
Project Updates

Wow, since we submitted our application we have received so much encouragement from our community. We also were contacted by other applicants suggesting ways to work together. This is a wonderful group of people applying. 

Our founders got free tickets to attend the Climate March in D.C. but they can't attend and the reason is awesome. On the date of the march they will be meeting with one of the largest engineering firms to complete a road map for the project. This is an enormous step forward. 

While planning our project we decided to plant sunflowers in vacant lots along the route of the community solar project. We're calling this the Sunflower Power Project. A portion of the embankment can be seen in the background.

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