NH Community Supported Solar
NH Community Supported Solar
NH Community Supported Solar

NH Community Supported Solar



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John Kondos
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New Hampshire

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We predict the initial locally owned 43.5KW Monadnock Food Co-op system will produce 48,000 kWH of PV electricity per year.

MSN published and is promoting the NH Community Supported Solar Guide and encouraging others to pursue CSS. There are three elements for a successful CSS project- a host, investors and champions. We have identified several hosts and investors and we are recruiting the champions that will lead each project. We will continue to tap the well of volunteer energy to spread the word on CSS. After two years of intensive volunteer labor to accomplish the initial successful project the NHCSS team is ready to support other qualified groups. The list of challenges and obstacles that crop up is long and having a resource to help resolve them may be the difference between success and failure. A CSS project will be more likely to succeed if it has experienced guidance when needed most. The ability to offer support will be a big incentive to motivate groups to get started.

Community Supported Solar will reduce up-front costs for participants, make solar available to non profits and low income folks, provide optimal project siting, improve economies of scale, increase public understanding of solar energy, and enhance our resiliency.