South Carolina's Solar Energy Pilot Program

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Michael Bailey
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South Carolina

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Project / Program Description

The"program" that the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SC DHEC) is proposing would build on the relationships with communities already in place within our state. We would use the same collaborative problem-solving model that we have used successfully on other initiatives. Our past efforts have resulted in South Carolina being considered a national leader in environmental justice, and DHEC as a champion for vulnerable communities.  SC DHEC has also built a strong clean energy coalition. The SC Energy Coalition consists of a myriad of stakeholders, including: utilities, environmental justice communities,conservation groups, renewable energy groups, academia and others.  While initially community and industry groups were convened in response to the Clean Power Plan, our state efforts towards increasing the use of clean energy, especially in vulnerable communities, has continued.  

As a result of the above mentioned activities, our communities are ready for the next steps towards building clean energy capacity. This project is important to us because it allows us to build a united campaign around addressing the issues unique to each of our underserved communities with an innovate answer, solar. Everything that we’ve done in the past, we’ve done to get us to this moment. A moment were we can move from conversations about the importance of clean energy, to actual scalable, reproducible projects that will directly benefit LMI communities across our state.