Solar Synthesizers Meriden
Solar Synthesizers Meriden
Solar Synthesizers Meriden

Solar Synthesizers Meriden



Making Meriden Solar Affordable

Awarded:: Seed Funds, TA Voucher, Participant

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Robert Cappelletti
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Project / Program Description

The Meriden Housing Authority (MHA) provides affordable housing to the City of Meriden’s low and moderate-income residents.Its recent focus has also included making utility costs affordable. MHA has already pursued energy conservation measures and some solar installations for its housing stock. With its Solar Synthesizers team members, MHA will work to address the current barriers of implementing solar in the affordable housing market including high PPA rates, current Net Metering limitations, and limited trained local workforce. The group will market, finance, and install 200 KW of solar over the next 18 months and 1.5 - 2 MW by 2020. In addition, the team will continue its local solar workforce development programs to train and employ unemployed and underemployed community members. Initial projects will be conducted on MHA properties currently scheduled for rehab to allow for efficient training as well as to allow the team to market solar opportunities to other nonprofits and low to moderate income home owners and partners while more shovel ready projects are being installed.