Lighting the Way for Community Led Solar in Anacostia

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District of Columbia

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Groundswell believes that clean energy  is a necessity, not a luxury good; we’re all in this together; and it’s not OK  to leave our neighbors who are struggling behind.  We work in partnership  with local community organizations to empower individuals, businesses, faith  communities, and nonprofits to align their values with how they purchase  energy. Our approach is grounded in collective action and cooperative  purchasing: by working together, we give communities the ability to take  control of their electricity bill, save money, and align how they spend their  money with their values.

In this  spirit, we recently launched a partnership with The Temple of Praise, a  visionary 15,000+ member interdenominational church located in the Washington  Highlands neighborhood of the District of Columbia, to develop a 500 kilowatt  community solar project on their property.   The project itself will deliver clean energy to approximately 75 families  at market prices and provide free power to 35 low and moderate income (LMI)  households.  

While  this project will deliver a number of economic, environmental, and social  benefits to the surrounding community, we believe a strategic investment from  SunShot’s Solar in Your Community Program can broaden its impact even  further.  Building on the existing  procurement and investment efforts that are already underway for Temple of  Praise, Groundswell is seeking support to add an additional four to eight  mid-sized solar installations in the surrounding neighborhoods.  Through enhanced community outreach and  project pre-development, we believe we can aggregate these projects to drive  further cost savings and expand the impact of the program.