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Going Net Zero Solar in Huntsville and the TVA region

Awarded:: TA Voucher, Participant

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Dr. Bill Carswell
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Project / Program Description

UAH, TVA and local power companies (LPCs) are developing a modular, scalable PV system that will be funded by third parties, brought into the grid by TVA, and subscribed to by underserved customers. 

In Huntsville and the TVA region the solar model is complicated by the requirement that all power be brought into the grid through TVA, but all LMI meters are served by local power companies. There is currently no solar model for LMI customers. We are engaging TVA and Huntsville Utilities to create and execute a policy and process to overcome this barrier. 

The project will engage LMI consumers in energy innovation and provide small business with a template for growth in the solar industry.