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By the Community, for the Community

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Kitrina Stratton
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MRES, Greenway Solar and Solar Commons researchers will demonstrate how low-income community solar can maximize its community value with "GreenWay" development strategies and "Solar Commons"  ownership models.  We are building over 1 MW of "regenerative" solar energy that uses 1) a streamlined, bottom-up development process to maximize free solar savings without credit rating verification on low-income household electric bills, and 2) a new community trust ownership structure that deploys solar energy as a tool of community empowerment.  Our project will also demonstrate, through monetization and market analysis studies, that our solar development strategies and Solar Commons prototypes are nationally iterable, scalable and financeable in urban and rural areas, in hot and cold climates, in diverse state jurisdictions.  Our demonstration projects will serve nonprofits; benefit 100% low-come households and neighborhoods; sustain youth journalism internships for peer reporting on local environmental issues; and fund  local weatherization and energy assistance programs.  We will provide open source legal templates for Do-It-Yourself Solar Commons to flourish in the US.  Our project also includes public art that educates citizens about the value of our community solar.  Together we are innovating and building over 1MW of community solar—for the community, by the community--for a more equitable energy future.