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Community Owned Community Solar

Awarded:: Seed Funds, TA Voucher, Participant

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Jim Kurtz
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Project / Program Description

We aim to bring solar to the difficult to reach mid-sized MUSH market. In this project we will attempt to bring solar to the community via a municipal PPA. 

The municipality of Rochester will work with our team to assist in a community solar program by acting as a flexible off-taker of solar power. The city has agreed to purchase 40% of the electricity produced by a 2MW array. The remaining 60% will go to residential subscribers in the traditional community solar sense. With our residential subscriber partner, Arcadia, the goal is to bring the number of subscribers up to 100% with at least 25% of those subscribers being low income. Once the array is fully subscribed through residents of the community, a second array will be installed and the city will again act as a flexible off-taker, beginning with a 40% PPA. Again we will work to subscribe residents to the array and repeat the process. This method brings solar power to several community members that would otherwise not be able to participate in the solar revolution, including municipalities, low income residents, and others that do not have the ability to own solar arrays, but also provides some stability early-on with the municipality acting as an anchor.

In addition, our team includes an innovative financing partner, Sunvestment Energy Group. This partner aims to bring local community investors into the fold as well through a structure that allows local accredited investors to finance the project through a special type of PPA. This community style-PPA leverages the community investor to decrease the cost of finance and create additional value for the community.