The Seebaldt Pilot
The Seebaldt Pilot
The Seebaldt Pilot

The Seebaldt Pilot



Secure, Stablize, Sustainably Grow 48204!

Awarded:: Seed Funds, TA Voucher, Participant

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Constance Bodurow
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Project Description

Project / Program Description

The Seebaldt Pilot (TSP) will benefit the residents of Detroit. TSP will create a Net Zero Energy (NZE) district in the Detroit Li8204 community serving Low and Moderate Income (LMI) households. The project pilots a unique Hybridized Net Zero Energy (HNZE) Canopy that will provide solar electricity and collect rainwater for garden irrigation. The Canopy. designed by studio[Ci]. also leading a diverse local and national technical team. is central to TSP. HNZE does more than collect and distribute solar power for electricity and rainwater for irrigation and other uses: it creates a new public realm for the community, and also supports storm-water mitigation along Seebaldt and its alleyways. Through a 4-year partnership between studio[Ci] and the nonprofit community group It Starts at Home
(IS@H). we have collaborated with Seebaldt residents to develop a shared neighborhood vision to create a sustainable future for the 48204 community which incorporates a unique solar technology, creating an energy cooperative to deliver energy. education, and empowerment to LMI residents and implement a Net Zero Energy (NZE) district to "secure, stabilize and sustainably grow 48204".
We began by creating a comprehensive community plan which leverages the once in a generation opportunity to both affordably acquire and activate concentrations of publicly owned (DLBA) vacant parcels for generative infrastructure (energy, water. food. waste. and mobility) and institute renewable systems (workforce development. empowerment, education. culture. and economic development).

TSP Goals include:

•     Acquisition and Activation of Vacant Land
•    Housing Stabilization. Rehab, and Ownership
•    Reduction of Energy Costs and Energy Waste
•    Water management
•    Food Production
•    Waste Reduction
•    Public Realm and Mobility Enhancements
* Sustainability through equity, energy justice. and community ownership.

Once tested and proven at the ·one block·. 100 kW scale. we plan to replicate TSPIHNZE across the entire 48204 neighborhood: 11.000 households and 30.000 residents of Detroit, and other resource constrained community across the city. North America. and the Globe.

Application Video
Application Video
Project Updates

TSP Team has completed our third milestone (financing), and the TSP Tech Team has recently completed our final design and engineering activities. We have identified our study area, LMI Households to be served, secured our sites, and are moving into fabrication and construction of our HnZE Canopies. We are also advancing our goal of partnership with DTE (local utility) and the creation of a community solar trust, which will benefit the One Block Residents (OBR) who are empowered and meet monthly. We are also pursuing energy efficiency and weatherization programs to benefit the 30 Households in our one block study area.

We are now focusing on the DoE SiYC Challenge deadline (!) and our fourth milestone: Confirming at least 50% LMI participation.